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Best Freelancing Skills for students in 2022

Best Freelancing Skills for students 2022

Nowadays Freelancing is a Trending topic everyone wants to learn freelancing. Many people didn’t start because they can’t find the best freelancing skill. But Today I am sharing Best Freelancing Skills for Everyone who wants to learn.

People may search for high paying freelancing skills but be sure every skill has great earning potential. Because these are the Best Freelancing Skills for students and for Beginners.

Graphic Designing

The First Freelancing Skill is Graphic Designing. In Graphic Designing we make Arts and designs for the online world.  Now there are many categories in Graphic Designing. Like As a graphic designer you can create logo’s banners and make websites and apps UI.

You can learn freelancing online. Now can we learn Graphic Designing for free? The answer is Yes! To learn Graphic Designing go to YouTube and also on Skill share 1 month Free Subscription. You can also use Udemy and after searching, set the filter to free. You can learn everything for free.

How much a Graphic Designer Earns?

Graphic designers make a good amount. A Graphic Designer may earn upto 26$ per Hour and Estimate 57,000$ per Year. Obviously as a beginner you are not going to earn 26$ per hour but you can reach this amount in a few months.

Video Editing

Video Editing is one of the best and high paying freelancing skills. You can learn video editing. Video Editing is something I am also doing. I am not talking about normal editing I am talking about Ads Creation and Templates creation. You can even go into the field of VFX editing like me. VFX is the creation of virtual visual effects in Videos. You can download my ebook about starting freelancing as a Video Editor.

How Much Video Editors Earn?

The Expert video editor earns upto 80,000$ per year and 40 per hour. However Beginners may earn upto 30 to 40,000 per Year.

Voice Modulation (Voice over artist)

Voice Modulation or Acting is also the best Freelancing Skill for everyone. If you have good command in speaking any language you know. Many people need someone who speaks for their company Ads. And if you know how to change voices then you may work for the cartoon companies.

How much does a voice over artist earn?

An expert voice over artist earns up to 58,000$ per Year and 35 to 45$ per hour. As a new person you can earn upto 20$ per hour. As many people are finding people to give voice to their cartoon characters and dub movies in different languages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Seo means Search Engine Optimization. You can learn this skill. Because today many businesses are online and to get traffic they need someone to optimize their content to get more traffic and to reach more people. I think it’s the skill everyone needs to know about SEO because you may need this service to expand your own business. You can either learn on Page or Off Page SEO. I am not going into too much detail about SEO, it’s a very vast topic. You can read my other article to learn SEO. I think it’s one of the best freelancing skills for students.

Earning of SEO

A professional SEO expert earns upto 50,000$ per Year. And 24 to 30$ per hour. As a beginner you may earn less than 40,000$ per year and 15$ per hour.

Content Writing and Copywriting

Content writing means writing articles or writing anything online. This is also a skill everyone needs. Everyone who has a website and does not know much about article writing always needs someone to write for them or you can make your own websites. You can work as a content or copywriter. 

Earnings of Content Writter

It also has great earning potential. 

On an average content writer earns upto 86,000$ per Year and upto 45$ per hour.

Web Design and Development

This is the one of the most high paying skill with low competition. If you know coding or Graphic designing then you can join this field. As a graphic designer you can make UI/UX designs in figma and Adobe XT. And if you know coding you can make everything on your own.

Earnings of A Web designer and development

A Professional Web developer earn up to 85,000$ per year and 50$ per hour.

Mobile Game and App Development

Mobile Game and app development is also a high paying skill with very low competition in the market. learn this skill. Someone develop games by coding and without coding. You can make games in unity, unreal engine and many others. You can develop apps in Android studio.

It’s not easy to describe particular earnings of a Game app and Web Developer. If you have any of these skills you can start your own business or sell services.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a perfect skill for students and everyone who needs to prmote their business. It looks to be easy but it’s not. Someone need to do proper research on your product and your audience. Anyone can learn it easily on many different platforms like YouTube, Skill Share, HubSpot and Udemy.

Someone can use email marketing to promote your business and others businesses also.

Anyone can earn From email marketing by affiliate marketing and by selling it on fiverr or any Freelancing platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also the same as email marketing but in social media marketing you use social media to promote your products. You can also earn from brand deals and by affiliate marketing and by paid posts.

Conclusion for Best Freelancing Skills 2022

All the skills which I shared are the best Skills to start your Freelancing Career. You can learn these skills easily on YouTube, Skill Share, HubSpot and Udemy. All these are Freemium sites. You can get a 1 month subscription on skillshare and on Udemy set filters for free. Don’t forget to share your skills with me.

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