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How To Get More Sales on Fiverr

How To Get More Sales on Fiverr

This question comes to every starter on Fiverr. If you’re searching about this topic then most probably you have 1 to 2 orders a month or a weak. But if you didn’t get any orders yet then don’t worry today I will tell you all the secret tips and tricks to get more sales on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a very popular marketplace with a lot of freelancers, earning thousands of dollars from Fiverr. But I am the one who didn’t know these tips at the start of my journey. If you want to save a lot of time then read this whole article carefully to avoid all the mistakes mostly starters made on Fiverr to get more sales.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where anyone can sell their services. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms with huge competition. It’s not easy for all to be successful on Fiverr.

But if you are reading this article then it means you are passionate about freelancing. The first rule in freelancing is never to give up. Just be strong and bear with me.

How To Get More Sales on Fiverr

Create SEO Optimized GiGs

To generate more sales on Fiverr you need to create a Seo optimized Gig So you can rank on the first page of the search results on Fiverr. On Fiverr SEO is not too much technical, it’s simple Keyword Research. Many people may already know that everything is not SEO because Fiverr boosts your Gigs based on your order completion rate, response rate, Reviews and a few other things. If you already have done the proper SEO of your gig then well and good but if you don’t know how to do SEO of your Fiverr gigs then read all the steps carefully.

Select Low Competition Keywords

To rank your Fiverr gig on the first page and generate more sales, you need to find low competition Keywords. It is a very important step and many newcomers make their gigs on random topics, due to a lot of competition on Fiverr they fail to build their trust in the market and eventually they gove up by blaming the platform.

Now you are aware of how important Keyword research is. Now how to Find Low Competition Keywords for Fiverr? For this problem, I have already written an article where you can find all the steps in that article to rank your Fiverr Gig.

Always write a Good Description

A good and well-explained description is always very important to generate sales on Fiverr. Many people just do keyword stuffing in the description and a few just copies and paste descriptions of already present gigs. Please never do that. Always write a well-engaging description with all information related to your project. Check out this article for more details.

Attractive Images are necessary

Attractive images play an important role to get orders on Fiverr. Consider yourself as a client and imagine what type of Gig you want to see. You choose those gigs with better and high quality and attractive images. For this purpose, you can use Canva to create good-looking images. Fiverr by itself writes a detailed guide you can check it here.

GiG video is important

If you are in a niche in which you can explain your gig using video then definitely make a video to show and explain your work. Gig video is very necessary for those people who are video editors or working in the Video editing niche. You can check out what types of videos are present in other gigs to get an idea for your video.

Market Your GiG

Now here is your turn to reach out to maximum people. So you get more sales on Fiverr. Freelancing is also a business and every business requires marketing to reach out to the maximum people in the world. Many people just create the gigs and never make any little effort to promote their freelancing business. There are two different ways to market your Fiverr GiGs one is free and one is free. Let’s talk about these two methods.

Paid Method of GiG Marketing

The first method is Paid and this method didn’t require too much effort. You just need to invest your few dollars. You can Run different FaceBook and YouTube Ads Campings. Facebook campaigns are the best method to promote your Fiverr gig and generate more sales. The results of Ads are different for different niches so I am unable to tell you the estimated value of how many orders you get from the Facebook Ads Campaign.

Free Method of GiG Marketing

In a free method, you can permit your Gig to use Different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. For this purpose, I have written a detailed step-by-step guide you can check out here.

How To Get More Sales on Fiverr

Build Relations with Clients

This step is very very important to generate more sales on Fiverr. Many people didn’t follow this step. But if you are asking why some people get too many orders. This is because all those people follow all these steps and especially this step. If you see other sellers who have more orders it means all those sellers are working on these tips.

They have relations with clients and whenever a client has any work to do he simply reaches out to them without hiring any other person. If you don’t know how to build relations then keep one thing in mind Quality work builds relations.

Be on Time

If you know that Fiverr also measures your response and delivery time rate like other freelance marketplaces. If you don’t maintain on-time delivery then Fiverr automatically derank your gigs which eventually results in no more sales. So always take those Projects which you can deliver on time. It is very necessary to generate sales on Fiverr. When you complete your work on Time then you look more professional and passionate to do work. Fast delivery didn’t mean within 24 hours before the expected delivery date.

And here is the Tip for you: if you have Quality work but you are a little bit late then explain your situation to the client and ask him to increase the delivery date. Your client will trust you when you explain your situation.

Be Polite and Professional

Maybe some people didn’t agree with me but trust me as you are a freelancer then many people will come to you for their work. Some are sweet like honey and a few are like Bitter Gourd. But you need to be polite and talk to Baths. Because if you will get angry and show your ego to clients then forgot about Orders. You need to give respect to clients to have more sales and it’s also important for building relations with clients.

Understand the Projects

This is the step where unprofessional people lag. This means they didn’t understand the Projects and don’t know what the client wants which may result in more and more revision and too much time is wasted just completing and some time due to too many revisions client cancel the order and in some cases give you a bad rating. So please understand what the client says, never waste your time in revisions. Ask all the questions and get all the required things that are needed to complete the order. In this way, you can engage your client and get more sales.

How To Get More Sales on Fiverr

Learn to use No

I also mentioned this step in my previous article in which I explained that when you need to say no to Clients. Many freelancers take on too big projects which they can’t complete due to time or due to lack of experience. So don’t take big projects and please never charge less than your efforts on Fiverr. If a client comes to you and says to do a project for a low price but the project is complicated at that time say no to the Client. It’s hard to Say No but it’s very helpful for you to grow.

Very important Tip

This tip may be controversial to some people but very helpful when your profile is deranked and you didn’t get orders. It’s only possible for those people who followed my upper steps and have Relations with Clients.

For this tip, you need to send a good-looking or attractive message to previous clients asking them, That if they have any work for you? And most probably you have an order if you delivered a good project before.

Conclusion for: How To Get More Sales on Fiverr

In conclusion, I want to say that those who get orders on Fiverr are already following these tips. If you want to get more sales on Fiverr then follow all these steps and after following these steps you have an order. Don’t forget to share your experience with me. I hope you enjoyed it. Take Care!

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