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How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

After starting Freelancing everyone has only one question: how to grab the first order as a freelancer. 

Especially for video editors because there is a big competition in the market. It’s a get order on Fiverr. But I will tell you some awesome tips and tricks to grab your first order as a freelancer. Let’s get your client (order)in easy steps just follow all steps to get your client or order on any freelancing platform.

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

Choose the best marketplace

To grab your first order as a video editor or for any freelancer choose the best marketplace with low competition. There is a flood of freelancers in the market. Everyone has the best skills. A client wants to buy the best.

So you need to prove yourself best in all the floods. You need to gain some confidence and as I mentioned in my last article increase your communication skills, be confident, and look professional. 

As everyone is professional, you need to choose the best marketplace. It’s easy to choose a marketplace but not easy to get clients. Some of the most popular marketplaces are Fiverr and Upwork. But Upwork is not for beginners. I will tell you why Upwork is not for beginners in some other article. But there are few marketplaces where you never try your luck. Those are social media. Yes, you can get orders on social media.

Facebook For Freelancers

The best one is Facebook now how to find Clients on Facebook let’s talk about this technique.

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

Now many people have questions in their minds about how Facebook is for freelancers. Then there are a lot of companies and businesses on Facebook. You just need to find them. You need to search perfectly on Facebook. I also got my first client on Facebook.

How to find clients on Facebook?

To find clients on Facebook go to the Search option. The search technique is very important now to follow all the steps carefully. Go to search and first Join the Groups according to your niche. Never Join more than 10 Groups.

Now again search option and try to write something like that:

“Looking For” (your niche)

“Need a” (your niche)

(Your niche) “needed”

Be serious, it’s very important to get clients when you have searched. Now go to Posts and if you want, set filters to the latest posts.

How to apply to Jobs

Now pick any post relevant to you. Now if the client mentions his email.  Then simply send him an email if the client didn’t mention any details then go to his Inbox. Here is a very important tip to apply to Jobs. Try to write an eye catchy proposal and don’t forget to mention relevant samples. If you read my last article then you definitely created some samples.

Here is a sample proposal. Try to write your own or edit this template.

Hey Dear!

I’d love to get involved in this project. Now if the client mentions detail and asks any questions. Then answer those questions and try to prove yourself a professional.

Now mention your previous work and sample.

Ask questions from clients to get his/her reply.


Larson Mazhar.

One more bonus tip: never write two long proposals. And ask questions, from clients.

Fiverr for Freelancers

Everyone knows Fiverr, it is a well-known marketplace for freelancers. Join Fiverr to get clients on Fiverr as a video editor.

How to get orders on Fiverr?

On Fiverr, freelancers found themselves in trouble to get orders. But it’s easy and simple to get orders on Fiverr. You need to choose low competition keywords.

After finding keywords, make your gig and write your description. Write it perfectly. If you want to learn in detail then get a free course from Fiverr Learn. It only takes 30 minutes but tells you everything about Fiverr. How to write a Fiverr description. learn Fiverr SEO of images and how to get orders on Fiverr.

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

How to Get a job on LinkedIn

Linkedin is also a very good platform to find clients as a video editor. As we all know every brand available on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you need to set up your profile 100% complete. Write the best description. Just go to the search option and write your keyword. Now many big profiles show to you just to make connections with everyone. Another method is to reach big companies and share what you created for them. But Facebook is the best.

Upwork (Not Beginners)

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

Upwork is a very big marketplace. On Upwork, you get big projects as compared to Fiverr. But on Upwork, you need to communicate very professionally with clients. Because if you never do this then you never get orders. Never forget to add your work to your portfolio to get orders. Write the best proposal. And here is your first client.

Increase your Reach

The second step is to increase your Reach. To increase your Reach you need to be active on every social media you have.

As I suggested to you earlier, join Facebook groups. When you go to these groups you can see many people are looking for the solution to their problems. You just need to answer their questions. And prove yourself a professional, be professional and look professional.

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

Get freelancer Clients on Quora

Quora is a very big marketplace. On Quora, you can build your reputation and find clients.  Here, many people ask questions and you need to answer them and show yourself as a professional and experienced person. Go to Quora and build your reputation. As many people will know you with your skill they will directly reach to you and you get orders.

Showcase your work to clients

It is very important to show relevant samples to clients to prove yourself the best choice for them.

Now many people may ask where to showcase content. To showcase your content, make your portfolio.

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

Build Your Portfolio

Many freelancers never make their portfolio websites. But it is very important to look professional and upload your content. You can make your portfolio for free on WIX, Blogger, and Zyro. So don’t worry about it.

Increase your communication Skills

How to Grab first order as a freelancer video editor

This is the most important thing to get orders on every freelancing marketplace like Upwork, People per hour, or freelancer. You can use Grammarly or any app like Grammarly. Also, try to talk with people online and offline. Or you can watch different tutorials on YouTube. There are many online tools available to increase your communication skills.

Conclusion and Tips

In conclusion, I only want to say that if you just take a start and do not have any experience then start from Facebook along with Fiverr. And on Facebook, many scammers are ready to scam. I will tell you important tips in my previous article. And if you’re a professional and have a command of your skill then definitely join Upwork. It’s a very good opportunity to start your freelancer career. Bear with me I will teach you everything.

Bonus Tip🙂  You also take your clients from Facebook to Fiverr to be popular on Fiverr.

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