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How To Learn Freelancing skills

  • March 4, 2022April 12, 2022

How To Learn Freelancing skills

Many people didn’t know how to learn a particular skill to work online for others or themselves. Many people purchase different courses from different People to learn a particular skill. But after paying money sometimes they get scammed or sometimes the course doesn’t justify its Price. But now I am going to tell You the best Paid and Free Methods to learn skills with free certifications.


YouTube is a well-known platform. Many people use YouTube just for entertainment but they don’t know what they can learn for free on YouTube. On YouTube, thousands of paid courses are available for free. You just need to explore the world to get the best and better knowledge. If you have the will to learn then you can explore YouTube to learn Skills. Learn everything from YouTube as it’s the most perfect and popular website for everyone. Here every teacher from everywhere is available.

The only thing YouTube lacks is certification. Here you can learn everything and anything from any place. It costs only Zero dollars to start learning on YouTube.

Pros of YouTube

  • 100% Free
  • Everything is available
  • For Everyone

Cons of YouTube

  • No Certification


HubSpot is itself an online all in one marketing tool (CRM). But now they launch HubSpot academy where people can learn many skills for free and the good thing about Hubspot academy is, you can get a free Certification on every free Course. On HubSpot, some courses are paid and some are free. You need to try HubSpot once so you have an idea of how good HubSpot is.

You can learn graphic designing, video editing, email marketing, social media marketing, and many other courses with certification for free. It’s one of the best platforms to learn freelancing skills.

Pros of HubSpot

  • Free Certification
  • Everything is available
  • Quality Content

Cons of HubSpot

  • Some courses are Paid (But you can get up to 50% off by my Link)

Learn Fiverr

Learn Fiverr is also an online learning platform Fiverr learn is a fully Paid platform you can get every course from Fiverr learn with certificate. On Fiverr learn every course have different price. If you want to learn freelancing skills then check out Fiverr learn.

Another benefit to choosing Fiverr learn is that if you’re a seller on Fiverr then Fiverr will automatically add skills to your profile and boost your gigs ranking which increases the chances of getting orders fast on Fiverr so never skip Fiverr to learn new freelancing skills.

Pros of Fiverr learn

  • You Get more Orders
  • Certification
  • Quality Content

Cons of Fiverr Learn

  • Paid


SkillShare is another well-known learning platform. Here thousands of people share courses daily. Skillshare is on number 4 because it’s also a paid platform but for just 2.5$ a month. Another bad thing about skillshare is that they didn’t provide you with any certification. I use skillshare too much due to its low price and best Courses. You can learn Coding video editing, Graphic Designing Coding, and much more.

SkillShare provide a one-month free trial to new users.

Pros of Skillshare

  • Everything is available
  • Best Quality Courses
  • Low Fees: only 2.5$ per month. 

Cons of Skillshare

  • No Certification


Udemy is also a big and best platform for learning Every and any skill you want to learn is available on udemy. It is a freemium site. On Udemy many courses are free but you get certification only with Premium courses. You can learn everything from udemy.

But to get Certification you need to purchase Premium courses. The best thing about udemy is that all courses are of the best and premium quality. You can try It to maximize your freelancing skills.

Pros of Udemy

  • Free (some Courses only)
  • Certification (with only Paid Courses)
  • Best Quality

Cons of Udemy

  • Certification is Paid


EDX is also an online skill learning site like Udemy. It also has the same features as Udemy means it’s also a Freemium site. Here you can learn everything for free but only certification is paid. You can try EDX to learn freelancing skills. Thousands of people are already learning from EDX. You can also learn from EDX. 

It’s almost free if you think certification is not too important for you. You can learn everything from EDX. It’s almost free for everyone.

Pros of EDX

  • Free for everyone
  • Best Quality

Cons of EDX

  • Paid Certification

Conclusion for: How To Learn Freelancing Skills

If you are looking for the best site to learn freelancing skills then try one of them. To be Honest in all these Platforms YouTube and Fiverr learn is best In all. Because it’s Free, Open source does not need any subscription or any trial just start for free. And according to me, all these are best but you can choose on your own. Udemy, EDX, Skillshare, and HubSpot all are the same. are free and some are Paid.

I personally use skillshare, Fiverr learn, and Udemy along with YouTube. As I said, every Platform is best due to its best teachers.

What if I want to learn for 0$ but want certification?

If you want to learn for free and also want a certificate then you can go on HubSpot. I saw its many courses and the quality of the courses is top-notch. It’s the only platform that provides you certification if you want to learn freelancing skills then visit HubSpot.

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