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How To Start Freelancing As A Content Writer

  • April 1, 2022April 11, 2022

How To Start Freelancing As A Content Writer

If you want to start Freelancing as a content writer then read this whole article. Content Writing is a service that takes a little bit of time to learn but when you learn it you can make up to 50$ per hour. 

Many people start content writing; they generally give up and think all these things don’t work in actual life. If you never want to give up then bear with me. Content writing requires too much patience and effort so if you’re looking to earn 1000$ in a week or day at the start then you can leave this article.

Check whether Content Writing is for you or not?

One thing you need to do before starting is to know that do you like content writing or not. It’s an important step so never skip it. This question is because as I mentioned above, content writing requires your patience and your effort. If you don’t have paid tools then you need to do manual research on keywords and topics. Suppose you are writing something on a health niche but don’t have proper knowledge so at that time you need to do deep research and one more important thing you need to be unique.

Do what you want to do.

The main thing is whether you love to write content or not. If not, then start with the skill you feel pleasure doing. Maybe you feel comfortable creating designs and video editing. Then you should start with your skill because no one is forcing you to do the thing you don’t love. 

When you start freelancing with a skill you don’t like, you feel uncomfortable the work you have done is not excellent, and the client may leave a bad review for you. This affects your reputation which plays an important role to get orders.

And on the other hand, if you choose something you love, the work is more proper and excellent. Great work means Great Review, and Great Review means internal happiness + money + more sales.

So Don’t forget to choose what you like. Now Let’s move on to the second step, which is also essential.

Learn your Skill

This step is also very important because many people start Freelancing. Then after getting orders they only waste their time with each other. So please don’t do that. First, try to learn a few basics of your skill so when you get an order you will be able to complete it.

You can learn content writing easily on YouTube which is the best thing about YouTube is it’s free and has a lot of valuable content. Other platforms are HubSpot, Udemy, and SkillShare. All these platforms are the best to learn and start content writing as a content writer.

Content writing is not something you can learn in one or two hours. It takes time and practice to learn how to write great content. It all depends upon your practice. So practice it.

How To Start Freelancing As A Content Writer

Build your Portfolio

Now you have learned the skills and now it’s time to make some money. But one most important thing to do before reaching any freelance marketplace is to make your portfolio. This is the important step skipped by many freelancers. It’s easy to make a portfolio website for bloggers which costs zero. 

On a portfolio site write a few sample posts like “How to start freelancing as a content writer” you can write on anything you want. Here is a bonus Tip: For sample posts always choose a beauty or health or Pet niche.

If you don’t want to make a separate portfolio then on Upwork or any other freelance marketplace you have an option to add your previous work you can add them and make a 100% complete profile. If you want to know what are some best Freelance marketplace then read my article.

How To Start Freelancing As A Content Writer

Find clients for content writing

Now you have everything. A skill and a good looking portfolio. Now the main question is we have everything now but how to find clients. At this stage, many people give up because they didn’t get orders but please never give up too easily. I am with you to tell you some best tips to get orders on any freelance marketplace.

So, The best method and place to find clients is Facebook and Linkedin for beginners. Go to Facebook and join some Groups related to your Niche. Now do not leave the article; read more carefully. After joining groups, never spam your links or any other thing.

If people ask questions, then answer their questions and be professional and look professional. Try to search things like “looking for a” Need a” and go to the posts section and contact them through their contact links or anything on Facebook contact through messenger.

How to Avoid Scams?

On Facebook, it’s too easy for a starter to get scammed. To avoid scams, verify the behaviour of the person and how he acts. If the client didn’t give you a 50% advance then never show him the original work before payment you can blur the text in Word or Google Docs. And after payment give changes to clients if they want. And one important tip, always keeps in mind that never work for free.

How To Start Freelancing As A Content Writer

Conclusion For: How To Start Freelancing As A Content Writer

In conclusion, I only want to say if you want to start freelancing as a content writer then first learn the skill and after it go through from all the steps that I mentioned in this article. Maybe something works for you if you want to earn your first dollar as a content writer then follow all the above instructions carefully.

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