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Never make these mistakes on any freelance website

Many Freelancers get their first client but after getting orders did not know how to engage and satisfy the client. If you want to be successful in freelancing then never do these things on any freelance website. Read the whole article to never miss anything. And become successful in freelancing.

I also made many mistakes when I got my first client on Facebook. Here are some tips for everyone. I am going to share my personal experience in the freelancing field.

Know your worth

Never make these mistakes on any freelance website

First of all, know your worth. How much you are worth in freelancing. Try to find your hidden Talents. Knowing your worth doesn’t mean what your price is. It means how powerful and great your services are? If you just take a start in learning then definitely your worth is less than other members who are already doing freelancing. Try to build up your trust in the market.

Make sure that you are not charging for your 2 to 3 hours of work which you did to make anything for your client. Remember that you spend many years being an expert in your particular skill. If you learn a skill in three years and sell it for 50$ then it is not wrong.

As you see on many freelancing websites, top-rated sellers charge more than new sellers. Because they spend years to be top rated on that platform. So always charge for your experience.

One more important tip for you: never charge less. Now it doesn’t mean you charge too much from your client. But never charge too less even if your hard work is also not covered. Just charge a decent amount.

Never Expose your condition to your Clients

Never make these mistakes on any freelance website

The many freelancers who just started freelancing and did not know how to do the work means still learning the basics of her/his skill. Or if someone doesn’t have good hardware, they never tell these things to your clients. If a client is paying you and you tell him I don’t have a pc I don’t know the skill then he/she left you. 

The whole reason to explain the above explanation is that never Expose yourself to your clients. They only want their work completed with 100% best quality. They don’t need to know you have a powerful potato pc. Just provide them with quality.

These things do not look more important but play an important role in your freelancing Career.

Get enough detail from client before starting

Many new freelancers don’t ask enough questions and details from clients when they start work. And due to these things means not asking enough questions and collecting details their work is not great and this all ends up with a bad rating. So it is very important to ask enough questions to clients, which means if I am making a logo for someone I first ask them their company name, their style, and preferences. Then I share some samples to make things more and more clear. I ask them their targeted audience and their targeted places. 

This thing will build the trust of yourself in clients which makes things more clear and show your professionalism to your clients.

When to not work for Clients

Never make these mistakes on any freelance website

Now when not to work for clients. Here are some basic tips for you. I know you have doubts about why I said no to clients. When your client is not paying you enough for your work. Try to negotiate the price. If you demand an 80$ bit client wants to give 70$ then first say 75$ if the client doesn’t agree then say yes for 70$. It’s just an example you can negotiate according to you. 

If a client asks you to create samples. Many times it is not a scam but if you already shared a recent work sample then you don’t need to create samples. Try to make your client agree with you if he/she does not agree, just send them half work and half after price. But if the client didn’t agree then just said No!.

Never share your profile or Gig link

Many freelancers when they don’t find any clients then join different groups on different social media.

After joining they spam their link badly in every comment or like making posts. which affects their profiles badly if anyone informs customer support then they reach out to you and will ban you.

So never spam your links. Always try to do a real and legit thing. If you have command of a skill then no one can stop you from being famous as a freelance video editor. 

Now it doesn’t mean sharing your profile. There is a proper method available to get Clients to use social media which I explained in my previous article. Read it to get Clients.

Big mistake which I do in start freelancing video editor

Never make these mistakes on any freelance website

The biggest mistake which I do and maybe many freelance video editors are going to do is reusing the same video clips which were already used in the previous scene. I did this thing on my first order and after it, I gave four revisions to the client for his satisfaction. But I left a very bad impression on him. 

So another tip is never to reuse any clip. Proper research and never forget to watch related samples before starting. And if you didn’t like anything before delivery don’t forget to change before delivering. Because if you don’t like something in that product then how your client will like it.

Never ask for Positive Review on any freelance website

The other important mistake many new seller freelancers do is asking for a positive or 5.0 Rating from the client. If you ask your client to give you a positive Rating on Fiverr or any other freelancer website. If you ask your client to give you a positive Rating then the freelancer website will suspend you for violating the TOC. So never do this thing also

Is worth to buy paid reviews

Nowadays many freelancers try to use shortcuts to get orders in which one is paid for reviews. Paid reviews are very helpful in some ways and in some ways they are not good. If you buy paid reviews for the first time then it’s okay but if you buy more and more paid reviews then you get suspended from that platform. So I suggest you work in a real way and never use shortcuts.


In conclusion, I only want to say that just make your work best and then you will get orders automatically. And please don’t use any shortcuts just work professionally. And always try to provide quality to your Clients.

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